Trusts, Estate Planning and Multi-Family Office 服务

Preserving Your Nest Egg

When managing your family’s wealth, your goals likely include asset growth/preservation, risk minimization, maximization of available tax strategies and more. With all of the various vehicles available for accomplishing these types of goals, the need for unbiased advice from a trusted advisor cannot be overstated.

Independent, Unbiased and Sound Guidance

在BRC, we have been advising high wealth individuals on their family offices, 信托基金, and estate planning for over 70 years.  Families have relied on our objective advice while working closely with other advisors for multiple generations.  We offer unbiased recommendations and solid follow-through when executing the most beneficial plans for your family. 

Customized 服务

We offer a wide range of services to achieve your family’s goals. We help clients with tax strategies, wealth transfer, 投资, audit services, business and family concerns that should be incorporated into your investment strategy, and other areas that support your family mission.

An effective and tax-efficient estate plan can preserve and maximize the value of the assets available to pass on to intended beneficiaries during the client’s life and after his or her death.  An experienced, knowledgeable CPA’s involvement in the plan is vital.  The absence of such participation can be costly in terms of missed opportunities for structuring and maintaining the most advantageous wealth transfer strategy for an individual’s unique situation. While individuals typically only see attorneys infrequently and in regard to finite projects throughout their lifetimes, better trust and estate planning outcomes are achieved when an experienced, knowledgeable CPA who intimately understands the client’s unique situations and overall goals is involved.

Our professionals are available to review the 信托基金, wills and other estate planning documents of a client to determine compliance with current tax laws and the client’s current desires. We can assist the trustee or the personal representative through the following services:

  • Estate and trust accounting
  • Fiduciary income tax return preparation
  • Trust planning (charitable, grantor retained, personal residence, life insurance and revocable)
  • Charitable gift planning
  • Estate and trust administration
  • Estate and gift tax return preparation
  • Estate and gift tax return planning
  • Philanthropy planning
  • Succession planning
  • Business valuations
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Cash flow management and record keeping
  • Client education and family meetings

We welcome the opportunity to work with your attorneys, life insurance agents, and financial planners to consider various estate planning concepts and techniques for minimizing the wealth transfer tax burden and wealth administration tasks of future generations.

BRC prides itself on our accessibility, thoroughness and hands-on involvement in delivering advice to you, 我们的客户.

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