The BRC Dealership Team

Helping Clients and Dealers Be Successful in a Challenging Industry

Whether a dealership specializes in autos, heavy trucks, farming machinery, boats or recreational vehicles, business has become more challenging. Many parts of the industry are evolving and emerging which makes succeeding something that shows a focus on profitability, an emphasis on avoiding risk, and a priority on increasing efficiency.  Increasing regulatory requirements and technological demands can place stress on a dealership’s management but it can also provide operational opportunities.    This highlights the critical need for reliable and experienced advisors who possess industry knowledge and provide relevant financial reporting.


Assurance & Tax Services

BRC’s dealership experience can be a significant competitive advantage.  Our advisors are familiar with industry-specific challenges that dealers face. We are committed to customizing our services to meet those challenges and needs.  Our professional industry team brings our dealer clients what they want whether it is due diligence for a proposed transaction, to tax mitigation strategies, to protecting assets from fraud.


BRC provides services to the industry, depending on your dealership’s needs, our services may include:

  • Devising strategies to help maximize cash flow
  • Managing inventory
  • Identifying opportunities to realize tax efficiency
  • Providing industry benchmarks, best practices and trending information
  • Helping to prevent fraud
  • Improving protection of customer information
  • Consolidating dealerships/franchises
  • Delivering guidance through the buying or selling of a dealership
  • Helping develop estate and succession plans
  • Planning for ownership changes
  • IRS audit defense

Dealership Advisory/Consulting

We provide many advisory services to the industry. We integrate our advisory platform and special projects with your tax and assurance services for a seamless delivery in all service areas.

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