Tax Calendars

Business and Self Employed Tax Calendar

With a dynamic tax landscape encompassing new legislation and tax provisions year-round, navigating the tax year as a business owner can be challenging. For reminders about important tax filing and reporting dates, utilize this Business and Self Employed Tax Calendar. Please reach out to a Bernard Robinson & Company tax advisor at if you have any questions about the deadlines or would like assistance in meeting them.

The Business and Self Employed Tax Calendar is available in three formats:

  • Online -It opens to the current month and allows you to move through tabs for previous and upcoming months, and, if desired, view last year’s key dates. You can use the filter to sort and view tax dates and event types. This can help in various ways such as the following:
    • viewing specific compliance requirements like depositing payroll and FUTA taxes, reporting tips, and furnishing 1099 and W-2 forms
    • filtering by monthly depositor or semi-weekly depositor
    • accessing via a smartphone icon for easy, mobile access
  • Desktop Application – This version, called the IRS CalendarConnector, can be installed directly on your desktop and accessed offline. Updates are installed automatically the next time you are online.
  • Subscribe to or Download – For additional ease-of-use, you can subscribe to or download the calendar and incorporate it into Microsoft Outlook, Mac Calendar, on your iPhone or iPad, or any other .ics calendar format.